Never Too Late

I heard a story on the news recently about a 32-year-old woman named Chellsie Memmel who is trying to become an Olympic gymnast after being retired from the sport for 9 years. If you don’t know much about gymnastics, the average age that girls peak in the sport is 16. Simone Biles, potentially one of the greatest athletes to ever compete, is 22 and is considered “old” in gymnastics. So take that and think about what a 32-year-old is considered. 0

I really think that we generally are just the only people holding ourselves back. It’s not somebody else. There is attitudes about things or certain expectations that you can’t do things when you get to this age, but ultimately I feel like we tend to hold ourselves back because we listen to that, so just go for it.

Chellsie Memmel on a Today Show interview

Not only has she come out of retirement after 9 long years, she’s also had two children since then as well. It must be grueling work to get back into gymnastics-shape after all of that. It reminds me a lot of Serena Williams and how she came back to tennis at the age of 35 after giving birth to her daughter.

Absolutely stacked odds. Still, they both relented and tried again. Maybe it wasn’t because of work or money, but simply because they enjoyed it. And that’s the important thing. Never let anyone tell you you’re too old to do something. Even if you feel you missed out on something that you always wanted to try, go do it. There’s no time to lose. The pandemic was a perfect opportunity for some people like Chellsie to get back into doing what they love. It’s our turn now. Go paint, go for that promotion, make that investment, start getting into shape. There’s nothing stopping you from going after what you want, just excuses and fear.

And if Chellsie doesn’t make it to the Olympics, so what? She still did her best and showed everyone that age is nothing but a number.

Have a good week, everyone.

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