Why Doubt?

There are days when I feel like I’m not enough. Like I’m not enough for the people around me, no one would ever care if I left and never came back. Those thoughts don’t happen often, but they happen. I think everyone has moments like that. We all let the doubt seep in sometimes.

But then someone comes knocking on the walls of our heart and asks us to let them in. Doubt would have you believe that that person is only there to hurt you. Or you’re reminded of all the times you did let someone in and they left you. Doubt can be a violent reminder of the hurts we’ve tried to move past. Trust issues develop, friends get pushed away, relationships are lost.

Why do we doubt? What is the point of thinking “this won’t come true” or “I’ll never find someone to love me”. It’s an uncertainty about the future and a belief in the unlikeliness of something. These pessimistic thoughts can be addicting. Maybe if we expect the worst we won’t get hurt as much. We end up hurting ourselves more with this mantra.

Obviously it’s a little clichĂ© to say “just think positive” or as the classic rock band Journey would say “don’t stop believing”. It’s easy to fall back into the human condition to doubt. We’re flawed creatures and everything we do breathes contempt.

But the good part about being human means we have a magnificent ability to hope. Hope is the one place where doubt cannot go. When we have hope for the future or the day or even just the current second, we dampen doubt’s power. Hope is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Hope is self-love. It’s taking back your energy and saying I deserve every good thing that’s coming to me.

Hold on to your hope today and remember that you are doing your best, no matter what that looks like. See how far you’ve come on this journey. You’re an inspiration and you belong in this world.

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