The Takeaway: The Trial of the Chicago Seven

The Oscars are set to show on Sunday. Many movies are in the running for Best Picture and The Trial of the Chicago Seven is definitely one of my favorites from the bunch. As BBC wrote in their SAG award article, it “retells the story of the notorious courtroom drama involving a largely unrelated assortment of political activists who were accused of inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago”.

When I watched this movie, I had no idea what the Chicago Seven was. I’d never heard of it before. This movie definitely opened my eyes and had me researching the original story afterwards. The events in the film stay very close to the real events, with the exception of the ending.

This movie is a very strong contestant for Best Picture. Everything from the settings to the character portrayal to the script is just spot-on. I loved this film. The writers did not shy away from the racial injustice that happened to Robert Seale and because I had no knowledge of the true events, I was brought to tears by the horrific brutality. The creators of this film deserve an award for the raw emotion they portrayed. I might also add that I was inspired by their acknowledgment of the lives lost during the Vietnam war. It was a wonderful thing to see.

Also up for Best Picture are movies like Minari, Promising Young Woman, Mank, Nomadland, and Judas and the Black Messiah – all of which I have heard are very good movies. I actually watched Minari in theaters (yes a real movie theater. Crazy, right?). Minari was spectacular on all levels. The cinematography, the casting, the story, all fantastic. But for all the nominated movies I’ve seen, I can’t help but hope every single one wins. Call me loyal I guess.

See you next week.

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