Vaccine Fear

I just received my first Covid vaccine the other day and I couldn’t be happier. My arm has been a little sore but other than that I’ve had no side effects. After waiting for so long to finally be eligible, I wouldn’t be mad if I felt a little sick or sore.

Part of the population thinks differently. They’re the ones that scream “no fear” and refuse to wear masks inside the grocery store because they love attention. Now they’re afraid of a vaccine. Or they’re the ones that have heard rumors of plastics and aborted babies used to make the vaccines. Maybe they think we’re being microchipped, maybe they’re just afraid of vaccines. Maybe they’re so afraid of vaccines, that they won’t vaccinate their kids. I understand how quickly the vaccinations were rolled out for Covid, but isn’t that what we wanted? Didn’t we want vaccines so we can end Covid restrictions and mask-wearing and social distancing?

I’ve never understood the hypocrisy of insisting they’re not afraid of dying just to come out and say they don’t want a vaccine because they “don’t know what’s in it”. We have lost our trust in science.

I’ve also noticed how politicized Covid has become. From anti-maskers to Fox News to Conservative states vs Liberal states. It’s extremely politicized and used as a weapon to make a point. What about the hundreds of thousands of people that have died from this virus? It doesn’t even seem like it’s about them anymore.

If you don’t know what’s in a vaccine, look it up. Because the ingredients were listed when I signed the papers to get the shot. And some side effects will not kill you. Feeling icky for a day might be necessary if it means we get to travel and see our grandparents again and not wear a mask indoors. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the whole group. It’s about the cancer survivor and the nursing home patients and the kid with asthma. This thing is bigger than us and we should all get vaccinated if we have the ability and the opportunity to.

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