Waiting Game

I was absent from writing last week due to moving out of my house and into my first apartment. It’s exciting to finally be out on my own but being an adult comes with brand new responsibility. It’s expensive moving out and buying groceries and paying bills. Also apparently I have to plan meals for the rest of my life? What’s up with that?

Two weeks ago, I was put on a 14 day quarantine due to a COVID scare My test came back negative but I was still forced to wait.

I hate waiting. I hate the feeling of desperation and a longing towards something you know is days away. I got confirmation for my new apartment at the beginning of this month. My lease started the last day of the month. I had to wait an entire month, the excitement building more every day. My bedroom was crowded with boxes and I couldn’t do anything until the week of my move-in. Putting everything in order and getting ready for move-in was exciting but it was also stressful.

I’m also stressed about money. I’m stressed about work. I’m stressed about losing clients. I’m stressed about getting in shape. I’m stressed about probably everything you could possibly imagine right now but I’m doing my best to handle it. Therapy is helping a lot. My therapist has been helping me outline my stress and it’s causes and coming up with ways to deal with it. I’ve learned that stress is most common over things we’re forced to wait on. A paycheck, a move, a job, a review.

The doctor told me my blood pressure was a little high. I wonder why. It couldn’t be because of the insurmountable pressure I’m under lately. It’s funny, I never really thought about my stress until it got overwhelming. My anxiety has ways of causing me tension without me even realizing it. Add one little thing to the mix and my stress skyrockets

But outside of the negative, I’m still learning to count my blessings. I have new exciting things to look forward to. I’m able to afford to live. I have a good job and good health insurance and I have a God that cares tremendously for me. So I can take all the stress and all the waiting in the world if it means I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I have ways to help myself deal. I work out, I practice archery, I take walks outside, or I go get myself a treat cause I deserve it. I know that when the clouds of stress clear, I’m going to be okay.

What are some ways you can help manage your stress as you go about your week?

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