On the topic of work

I gotta start by addressing this hiatus I’ve taken from writing. It wasn’t really my choice but it was influenced by my lack of enthusiasm. I’ve been trying to find the time and the energy but when I have one I never have the other. So this is me forcing myself to write, honestly. I have my laptop out, just finished watching the online Sunday church service. Why not just throw myself head first into writing another blog post?

These last few weeks have been hectic but the more I say that in every post, the less hectic it seems. It’s just normal now. The adjustment from doing absolutely nothing for 6 months to jumping full-time into 8 hour shifts. While the stress is sometimes a lot to bear it’s a good thing I enjoy what I do.

There’s this song called Remember This by NF (I’ve talked about him in my previous posts). In one of the lines he says: “If you don’t like the job you have then what do you do it for?”.

The reason I’m bringing in up is because I talk to a lot of people every day. 30 minute haircuts creates a lot of time to learn the basics about someone. When I ask about what they do for a living most of my clients say they just find their job “okay”. It’s not something that inspires them or motivates them. It doesn’t let them dream . I met a client who said he was in marketing. When I asked him if he liked his job his answer was just a plain “no”. He said he got a business degree with the intention of doing something else but he got caught in the marketing business and now he can’t really get out. I asked him why he couldn’t get out.

“It pays the bills,” he answered.

Maybe the minimum wage jobs we start out in as teenagers aren’t really included because no one truly likes fast food jobs and such but what about your career? Attending a four-year, sometimes 6-year college just to get a degree that gets you a job that makes you unhappy. Our passions are diminished by our last-choice jobs that become our first option. What are you dreaming today? What do you truly want to do with your life? Are you working to pay the bills or are you working to achieve your dreams and do what you were created to do?

I’ve met scientists and small business owners and teachers who absolutely love their jobs. I’ve also met those in the same careers who absolutely despise what they do. The answer is not easy.

There’s a great article from positivepsychology.com that talks about happiness in the workplace and 10 tips for how to be happy at work. One of the studies they quote says that “workplace happiness increases productivity by 12%” which may not sound like a lot but productivity helps us feel good about ourselves. If you hate your job and you’re not meeting expectations in your company for the month, your personal life and relationships would start to become affected by this. Everyone relieves stress different ways but not meeting expectations (even your own) can become harmful to mental and emotional health. It hurts even more to dislike your job while also being frustrated that you’re not doing enough.

There are many things we can do about our careers even when we’re stuck. If you don’t like where you are, take steps to move forward. Look for jobs, try to get connections to other companies, go back to school, look into going back to school, etc. Any size step is acceptable. Even if you can’t do anything, you can make a list of things you like about your job and try to focus on those things. God forbid we sink into our unhappiness.

Working in a career we love will create cosmic changes in your life. And you’ll know when a certain field is the right for you. It will feel like that missing puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Or finding all four corner pieces. Or completing the entire outline of the puzzle. But enough puzzle-metaphors. Get out there and fight for your future with fire in your step and passion in your soul.

And here’s one final quote for you all:

“Life’s not a spectators sport. If watching’s all you’re gonna do, you’re gonna watch your life go by without you.” (one of my favorite quotes from The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

Have a good week everyone.

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