When It Doesn’t Rain, It Doesn’t Pour

My life has been so hectic over the past month that I can barely find time to write anymore. I know I should, I know I can’t bottle things up, but writing takes time and I didn’t think about that when I started this blog. I’ll write a sentence, it’ll sound wacky, and then I’ll delete it. Or rephrase it. Or leave it sitting in my drafts for all of eternity never to see the light of day again. It’s really hard to write when you’re working full time in the service industry. I have conversations with strangers all day so when I come home I never have the energy or mental capacity to write out my thoughts.

There are no thoughts. There’s just work. Work, sleep, repeat. In my last post I said I’ve only seen Hamilton 3 times since it came out. That’s because I would have watched it a lot more, had I not gotten this job. (actually the odds are I wouldn’t have Disney Plus at all because I would be flat broke).

So say I become stagnant. Life doesn’t stop moving just because I want it to. I can’t force the world to stop spinning by screaming “Wait, let me catch my breath!”. I don’t feel excited at the thought of working till the day I die or retire. I love cutting hair, it’s one of my passions. But there are other things I want to do, other things I want to accomplish. So what about those dreams? Do they get pushed onto the back burner while I drown in student loans and rent and payment after payment?

I haven’t really addressed my archery dreams on my blog but they’re there. I learned to shoot at church camp when I was 12 and I immediately fell in love with it. I would go down to the range every day of the week during free time and shoot because it was so much fun. I still love it. But the bow I have is not the bow I want. I need to upgrade my bow, and my arrows if I want to improve. I need the proper equipment to get into the correct habits for shooting. I know the basics and it’s time for me to advance. But it costs money (I mean…everything costs money these days) and I’ve never had a good enough job to properly be able to pay for coaching and a new bow. Arrows are just as expensive too. A well-made dozen of arrows are around $50. It’s ridiculous and before when I was working a minimum wage job I worried I’d never be able to afford new equipment. Thankfully with this job, a little bit of saving, and no sequel to the former stay-at-home order, I should be able to get new equipment soon. (“soon” meaning a year or so)

And that’s all good and well.

But how come I keep avoiding shooting with the bow I have? Shooting with the lower quality bow can create bad habits so we’ll just assume I’m more afraid of the bad habits than the practice itself. It’s a process to set up my target outside and start shooting. I sound really lazy right now. But sometimes, we’re so afraid of the negative consequences that we don’t even try. We make up excuses for why we can’t practice or improve. I’m just as guilty of it as the next man, but at some point we have to either suck it up or abandon the idea. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice brings improvement, improvement brings opportunity, opportunity brings fulfillment.

What would life be if we just droned on, never trying anything new and never striving to achieve. If you really want to pursue a dream, it’ll be worth the cost, the time, and the energy spent. It’ll be better than just dragging through life. Dreams have meaning. If we don’t have dreams and goals, we don’t have intention. We’re going through life with no purpose or pursuit like sitting at a red light that will never change, forever hoping for the chance that will never come. If that red light ain’t changing, run it.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

I’m hoping that with this post, you find new inspiration. You can dream new dreams and you don’t have to stay stagnant if you don’t want to. And even if it seems impossible to follow a dream take a deep breath, go watch a Disney movie (something like Tangled or Hercules) and get back out there.

Let’s take this last paragraph to address that not everything we accomplish is dreamed. It forms while we’re pursuing a different dream. It branches off and becomes something we never even thought possible. Reinventing something rather than just working in the industry. Creating something that can change the course of history. Your dreams are valuable and they’re specific. They’re given to you for a reason and don’t ever take that for granted. You can change the world without even trying.

We have gained reality and lost dream. No more lounging under a tree and peering at the sky between one’s big and second toes; there’s work to be done. To be efficient, one cannot be hungry and dreamy but must eat steak and keep moving.

Robert Musil

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