Good Decisions for the Soul

Not quite chicken soup, is it? Yesterday I got a suggestion for an article about Billie Eilish and how she “can’t win” against her critics. It was about how she posted some pictures from her vacation in Hawaii and some featured her in a bikini (I mean, it’s Hawaii, come on.). People commented some pretty nasty things that I won’t repeat, all because she wore a bikini. Billie Eilish is known for her baggy clothes and if you read the reason behind that, it makes sense. But her gaining of self confidence shouldn’t be something that is shamed in our society.

But the real reason I’m talking about this is because of how it made me feel. I’m definitely passionate about equality and the right to wear what we want. Society shouldn’t put limits on what we should wear. And to see a celebrity receive so much scorn for wearing what she feels comfortable in makes me personally, very upset. Yes, she is a celebrity. That doesn’t mean she won’t see those comments and that certainly doesn’t mean she’ll brush those comments off like it’s nothing. Whether you’re a fan of her or not, she’s human too.

Reading that article made me angry. It made me feel the injustice towards Billie Eilish despite me not knowing her personally. Sometimes I feel it’s a curse and have to remind myself that it’s just empathy.

These days are hectic for many people. Everything seems a little crazy. Twenty One Pilots just released a new song and the first few lines are “panic on the brain, whole world’s gone insane”. It can’t get more accurate than that. During this time, it would be best if we didn’t let the media distract us from what’s important. I’m not saying watching the news is bad or that you shouldn’t read articles every now and then, but I’ve realized that those things become like poison to my spirit. I can scroll for hours, reading about something that makes me feel anxious. Maybe my subconscious believes that reading about it more will somehow ease my anxiety. How many times a day do we absorb things like that? Our brains make 35,000 decisions in a day. 35,000 opportunities to choose the best thing for your soul.

Maybe the thing we need most in this season is peace. Of all the things the world is telling us, are they creating peace? If reading article upon article about COVID-19 makes your stomach turn knots and your brain run with terrifying scenarios, maybe it would benefit to take a break. It may seem like the whole world is on a break, but the social media we’re consuming these days is more than we would normally. Our busy lives are put on hold. This is the time to regain our quiet time. Read that book you’ve been wanting to read. Start a journal and vent about what you’ve been feeling. Take a hike in nature. Build something, craft something, create something. And despite it all we may find what the rest of the world so anxiously seeks: peace.

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