Quiet in the Quarantine

Yes, I’m starting this blog in the middle of the COVID-19 quarantine. I have a lot of time on my hands. At two weeks in, I’ve read 4 books, watched 3 series on Netflix, done 2 puzzles, and colored in “calming” adult coloring books. I’ll probably buzz my hair or something soon, pull out my 2007 Britney Spears inspiration.

Skin care companies have one big secret that they refuse to say and it’s that not all products work for everyone. If a balancing moisturizer works for one person, it might not work for their friend. Advice is the same way. There are many articles, treatments, and the like to help people. There are thousands upon thousands of self-help books. If person A receives some advice and commits to putting it into practice, Person B might see it as ridiculous and completely ignore it. They are receiving the same advice, but one person wants to get something out of it. Person B is not less hopeful, but they see the advice given differently.

The issue with creating a blog with an encouraging atmosphere for “everyone” is that not everyone will see it the same. Humans are like that. We don’t see the same picture, meaning, or color and we certainly don’t see the same morals. We were created to be different.

Lessons can be taught the same way lessons in school are. There’s oral lessons, telling someone something or they read it somewhere. Visual, things we see on media or TV. And the last one is hands-on lessons. That means having to put it into practice to really learn it. Writing for me is very hands-on. I was never a natural at it even from a young age. Because I was homeschooled and my mom was always strict about grammar, I end up sounding more formal in type than how I actually speak. (Maybe in later posts I can ease that up a bit but this is a good start). When I’m talking, my words come out like a California, white dude named Christian who sometimes says “Y’all” to fit in.

To truly receive advice, it takes more than just reading self-help books or listening to encouraging podcasts. It takes a heart that really wants to change. Change can be painful, and if I had 5 hours of your time I could tell you all about that. This virus is a change. Plans have changed and everything seems a little daunting right now. There’s no toilet paper or cottage cheese and everyone is in crisis mode. It seems like the perfect opportunity for someone to give some advice.

Stay home

Stay six feet away at all times

I think I hear those statements at least 12 times a day. While it is very important that we social distance and keep the virus from spreading, we can take this time to really just be. We can learn more about ourselves when our lives have slowed down. Yes this is not a good situation that we’re in, but it doesn’t have to feel hopeless or boring all the time. Maybe we can start to read more books, take a break from social media, and replenish our souls.

We’re gonna make it through this, I promise. We have survived more than this. We are living, breathing, walking miracles. We can feel emotion and make decisions. This virus is daunting but we’re strong. Protect the elderly because they matter too. Send love to your health care workers and anyone else with essential jobs that keep us going. Remember that you are loved.

That’s my advice.

Now excuse me while I go buzz my head.

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