An Introduction

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. -Aristotle

The idea for this blog came about a couple months ago. I saw an Instagram post by a celebrity that said her new book was “for everyone”. but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered how you can make a book for everyone. Is that even possible? Anyone who runs a business knows that you can never make everyone happy. The decision was to make a platform where generally everyone can feel loved and accepted. A place of hope and a place to learn.

So why do this?

  • It gives people a place to be themselves and think deeper thoughts without judgement. It doesn’t have a big shiny sign or flashing lights deeming it a “SAFE SPACE“. It just is.
  • It helps spread kindness and love to those who may not be feeling it. And the most important thing in this life is love.

My life has always been defined by love or lack thereof. I came out as transgender in 2016, and I’ve received reactions for spewing hatred to complete acceptance. For years I was ashamed of it; I treated it like a target on my back. But when love shines through, it can change your life. And my gender identity isn’t a personality trait and shouldn’t be treated as such. Just like if someone lives in Alabama they shouldn’t be given the racist, cousin-loving stereotype. I have never felt comfortable with labels. In that way, we begin to judge, intimidate, mock, and condemn others. I want to open the minds of the people I encounter with this blog. Reminding you that you are loved is my intention but it’s more than that.

I could keep a journal to talk about my thoughts or i could get a therapist to charge me $75/session. The reason I’ve decided to make these things public is because we grow from experience. If I can talk about it on a platform that people see, I can heal and I can teach. I can grow and help others grow as well. Killing two birds with one stone if you will. Connecting with people who have experienced judgement or discrimination is my true motive. At the same time I want to give some insight into what I go through on a daily, whether it’s misunderstanding, doubt, fear, anger, or other negative feelings. Sometimes Disney movies will be used, sometimes the news and media outlets, sometimes personal experiences or music will be used to provide examples.

So click, read, and subscribe. I’m here for you. You are the reason I’ve started this blog. For you, for me, for everyone.

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